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StriveUp Business Center


Evolve your customer service like your clients has never experienced before.
Discover how to provide your services on the Internet bringing a unique online experience to your clients.


In 2020, customers realized that they could save time, avoid commutes, and unnecessary in-person meetings, by accessing more online services and tools on the Internet.

On the other side, the businesses that had their online service platforms implemented have taken advantage of this to earn more revenues.

What is your company doing about this?

The StriveUp Business Center Suite


Imagine you would be able to invite your clients to your website instead of your office, and this as your virtual office brings to your clients a remarkable experience that leaves them feeling served and appreciated.

Our suite transforms your website from a brochure into a digital business center to receive your clients and provide them your services, access smart meeting rooms, interactive commitment management, and exchange documents safely, among other amenities.


Doing business remotely with your clients never was so easy!

  • Simplifying the interchanging of documents securely.
  • Reducing the costs in the follow-up of services.
  • Improving your customer loyalty.
  • Increasing your customer retention.


StriveUp Office


StriveUp Office is a digital office that embeds directly into your website to provide a customer service experience to your clients. The Virtual office brings features for schedule meetings, smart meeting rooms, interactive commitments manager, access client folder safely.

StriveUp Meeting


StriveUp Meeting is a crucial tool for business on the Internet Today. A smart design for our virtual meeting room includes the right tools to achieve successful business meetings with your clients. Discover how you can boost your online meetings to the next level.

StriveUp Account


Sign in to your StriveUp Account, and keep smart access to service and documents you use in StriveUp apps. Besides, StriveUp Account allows you to easily deliver final files to your clients, as well as receive their documents.

StriveUp Manager


Manage the relationship with your clients in an effective way to achieve your service goals. Organized information of your clients and other key information to your service level agreement. Surveillance of your commitments with clients to keep on track your business.



More productive meetings with clients!

Steve Montes - President & CEO at Leading North Advisors

“StriveUp introduces business management tools into Video conferences in a well-thought way, making our online meetings with clients more productive.”


I save a lot of time!

Juan Cristobal Palma - Founder & CEO at The Legal Agile

“StriveUp resolves our problem to organize our client files smartly and quickly, saving us hundreds of hours in retrieving them.”

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