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About Us

Our Story

In StriveUp, we create technologies to support professional service offices to do business on the Internet much easier and get better results.

Our focus is to design solutions for our clients to achieve more effective communication with them and their clients and exchange information securely and easily. Our commitment is to provide the best experience for you and your clients on internet solutions.

We are a group of consultants frustrated about dealing with conventional tools for Video Conferences due to the lack of support for client management features. The paradigms of techs aren’t focused on consultative sales and follow-up meetings. Consequently, we used to waste a lot of time coping with getting effective meetings and their coordination across our consultants’ team.

Founder Team


Cristian Ocana

Cristian is a natural starter. He specializes in creating networks and connections based on the topics that he is passionate about. Cristian loves supporting causes for the common good, like improving opportunities for SMBs.


Cristian Lopez

Chris is our new tech-paradigms man. He always is thinking and rethinking the real situations in daily life. His 360 degrees vision enlightens us to get the answers required for designing the solutions.


Michael Finch

Mike faces all the IT challenges. No matter what, he always finds the solution. Thus, our company has been able to answer effectively to the challenges that have been shown up to us.

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Dublin, CA, 2021